Candle Wick Dipper – Black


Black Candle Wick Dipper

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A candle wick dipper is used to put the wick out by bending it into the melted pool of wax, then lift and straighten out the wick for next use. This greatly reduces the smoke produced when extinguishing the candle. Much safer than blowing out a candle which could result in spraying of wax or smoldering wicks. An additional benefit to dipping the wick is that it becomes re-coated in wax, which makes re-lighting the candle much more quickly.

Candle wick dippers are 7.87 inches in length, easy to use and can easily be cleaned of any wax. Beautiful, simple design.

Can be used with all kinds of candles – jar candles, votives, pillars, etc along with tiki torches – anything with a wick!

Made of sturdy stainless steel with polished black finish.

Also available in Gold and Silver


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