V-Series wicks by American Soy Organics for votives and smaller jars.

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Cleaner-burning candles start with our premium wicks.  We are proud to be the premier distributor of WICK IT Premier 700 Series Wicks!

Slight curl allows your wick to fully combust, which will leave you with cleaner candles whether you are using soy, paraffin, or anything in between!


Some information on our wicks:
  • Telight-series are cut to 1 inch with 15mm tab:  Perfect for tealights!
  • Votive-series are cut to 2.5 inches, making them ideal for votives and shorter candles
  • Container-series are cut to 6 inches and bundled for easy container candle production.**700 series Votive wicks have a large, 1.5 inch wick tab with a 3mm neck. Stabilo 2 Votive wicks have a smaller tab, 20mm in width with 6mm neck


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