Wicks: RRD29


RRD29, 6″, 20mm x 6mm base

SKU: 700442 Category: Product ID: 1187


This is a round wick with a uniquely braided cotton core designed with tension threads that give the wick a slight, but effective, curl during combustion. The wick is directional in that capillary action flows more freely in one direction. Due to their intricate design, the RRD series provides a centered burn pool, self-trimming burn characteristics, and a consistently high rate of fuel flow. The RRD series works well with viscous fuels such as vegetable wax, gels, and one-pours. They are effective in containers and especially useful in pillars due to their concentric burn pools. This wick for 2-3″ containers, or double-wick in 4″ and larger containers.


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