Wax; Millenium Soy

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Millennium Soy Wax

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Millennium Soy Wax
Our Millennium blend is designed for better color retention, less frosting, and smoother tops in a finished candle.  It’s a 100% natural soy wax blended with all natural botanical waxes that produce an excellent finished product that’s the most stable of any container soy wax on the market.  Perfect for candle businesses that ship or haul products in hot or cold climates.
This wax needs NO additional additives.  You do NOT need to preheat your jars when using Millennium Soy Wax.
  • Heat wax to 160 degrees F
  • Let cool to 130 degrees F
  • Slowly stir in up to 12% fragrance*
  • Let cool to 110-115 degrees
  • Gently pour into your ambient glassware.
*Do not aggressively stir or whisk as this can cause aeration; which will cause extra shrink in your wax.  Please test each fragrance, as burn quality will differ based on the fragrance used.

3 reviews for Wax; Millenium Soy

  1. jaking21 (verified owner)

    I won’t use any other wax, its simply the best. If you follow the directions provided on the bag you will get amazing candles every time.

  2. Kristin Everett (verified owner)

    My favorite soy wax by far!!

  3. A_Sapphic

    Would probably be a 5 star review if I listened to the warning and used the soy modifier. Without the modifier, this wax is extremely soft and finicky with temperatures. Likely user mistake but it almost makes me want to move on from the brand. Really save yourself a headache and get the modifier if you plan on using this wax.

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