Wax; Beeswax-White

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White Beeswax Pastilles

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Our all-natural white beeswax has a natural white color with no additives. It has been filtered to eliminate debris to ensure the purest all-natural beeswax. It’s perfect for hobbyists looking to make all-natural candles, salves, lip balms and other home care products! Our beeswax is packed in labeled plastic bags for convenient storage. 
With its white color and light sweet smell, all-natural white beeswax is perfect for candle-making. Beeswax can be used alone or added to other natural waxes to create a unique candle wax blend. Adding beeswax to candles decreases shrinkage and increases burn times. Beeswax candles burn clean and burn brighter and longer than most other candles. 
Cosmetic Grade: 
Our all-natural white beeswax is cosmetic grade. It can be used to make home care products, salves, lotions, and lip balms. Adding beeswax to body care products can improve their consistency and appearance.
Easy to Use Wax Beads:
Our all-natural beeswax is available in convenient beads/pastilles. These small beads ensure easy measuring and faster melting.
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5 reviews for Wax; Beeswax-White

  1. Tiffany Campbell (verified owner)

    I was very glad to find this wax, it was half the price that I was paying before. I was also happy to buy in such a large quantity, as opposed to several smaller bags at a time. Worked wonderfully for my wax melts!

  2. Paige (verified owner)

    This is great quality beeswax! I have purchased twice and it is fast shipping. I love that I can get larger quantities. I highly recommend.

  3. hye Kim (verified owner)

    This white beeswax is incredible! Top quality wax results great taper candles!All my customers leave 5-star review based on purchasing taper candles made from this wax! I’m so happy with the purchase.

  4. Hill Valley Candles

    Service is top notch…very responsive. Beeswax is good quality and exactly what I needed. Very nice people to work with. Highly recommend using their products!

  5. Simone

    When is this coming back in stock?

    • Lynda Young

      Simone, I’m so sorry for the delay with our White Beeswax. We are hoping to have it back in stock soon, but do not have a date yet. I will add you to a list to contact when it is restocked. Thank you so much for your patience!

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