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100% Natural Wax

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Let’s face it.  Making a great soy candle can be difficult.  From sidewall adhesion, to great looking tops, to consistent fragrance throw hot and cold from batch to batch, soy candle enthusiasts know all too well that soy candle making is an art and a passion.
Set yourself free from the difficulties of soy candle making with American Soy Organic’s special FREEDOM SOY WAX recipe.  It’s “Soy Candles Made Easy!” No need to add modifier, as this wax contains a natural modifier already added. No more wasted time pouring cool.  No more wonky tops.  No more questionable fragrance-throw.  Just melt, pour, and start your next batch!
And, for those who like small batches and hate the mess that candle making presents, this wax is TOTALLY MICROWAVEABLE!  Weigh out your FREEDOM SOY BEADS, place in a microwave-safe container, and microwave.  Stir in fragrance and pour.
The easiest wax by far to get perfect candles every time.  Our 25-pound box is easy to carry, comes with a resealable plastic liner, and fits perfectly next to your workspace so that you can measure and pour with ease!
Melting point:  115-121  degrees F.
Great looking tops with perfect sidewall adhesion can be accomplished by following these simple steps:
  • Heat wax to 160 F
  • Mix in fragrance (up to 10%)
  • Pour into room-temperature jars
  • Give your candles plenty of time to cool, and avoid trying to cool too rapidly as this can cause shrinkage and occasional sink-holes to occur.
***Please contact us for pallet (skid) shipping price***

8 reviews for Wax; Freedom Soy Wax Beads

  1. Diana (verified owner)

    This wax was very easy to use and my candles turned out beautifully. In a 10oz glass container with a 3.25 diameter and a tapered 3.5 depth, I tested an RRD29 and RRD40 wick. The 29 was too weak but did not extinguish. The 40; although, slow to form a full pool allowed me to burn my candle all day! I used peach nectar fragrance oil and got a super strong cold throw and the hot throw was acceptable in my large room with high ceilings. My husband could smell it and fragrances are usually way off his radar, lol!

  2. Shoplizcreations (verified owner)

    I’m sad with this site. Their shipping increased back in November by 3 dollars with UPS. Now the 45 lb wax is $7.65 more. Don’t know if this review will even get posted because I know they monitor their reviews but this is really my only complaint. Wax is amazing.

    • americancandlesupplies

      Thank you so much for your review. we appreciate your honest feedback. Regarding shipping prices, we (American Candle Supplies) have never increased our shipping rates, our rates are directly connected to UPS live rates. You will notice our shipping is very good compared to our competitors because we give you our negotiated discounted UPS rates, not the UPS published rates. Unfortunately, all shipper companies have higher rates at this time. I can promise that our shipping rates will also go down if UPS rates go down.

  3. Craig Vogel

    I love this company. Their products are wonderful and their service is great. I do have one frustration. I use the Freedom Soy Wax and I continue to have dimples in the top of my candles, even though I am following their instructions to the letter. I just purchased the Soy Modifier, but I just read your description again, and realized it says its for the Midwest Soy Wax. Can I use it with the Freedom Soy Wax?

  4. Dawn Cristiano (verified owner)

    Freedom Soy gave me good ht and ct. Still working on obtaining smooth tops and. Limiting frosting. It’s a nice wax. Sticking with it.

  5. Christy Prevost (verified owner)

    Found this company beginning of covid. So glad we did!! They walked me through their products and sold me on Freedom Wax. We continue to use it in our business and get Excellent reviews from our customers. We are a dessert based candle company and we whip alot of our wax to make our dessert designs. By far, this is the best wax I have worked with to whip and pipe. Very smooth just like frosting, just move quickly so as not to jam your piping tip. Highly recommend this wax. Excellent Hot/Cold Throw!

  6. Mark Pfeil (verified owner)

    We have great results with this wax.
    We have learned that if the room temp is not at least 70 degrees the candles will cure to fast and cause problems with dimples etc. We always cure 2 weeks or longer before offering any candle for sale and use a born on date to keep track.
    We have so many customers that come back for more.
    Love dealing with American Candle Supply!

  7. Laura Zoldowski

    Love Freedom soy wax & love the costumer service at American Candle Supply! Highly recommend!

  8. Sonji Major (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this company! I love the personalized messages I receive with my orders along with the sample scents. the prompt shipping as well. This wax is amazing! Thank you for all that you do!

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