Fragrance: Lily of the Valley

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A white floral arrangement collides with trailing ivy. Clove leaf is in the heart with green woods and musk to add for a signature bouquet

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A white floral arrangement collides with trailing ivy. Clove leaf is in the heart with green woods and musk to add for a signature bouquet.  

Top:  Muguet, Water lillies, Lemon

Mid:  Jasmine, Clove Leaf, Ivy

Base:  Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Musk

*This fragrance was improved for strength and scent throw in June 2022

Flash Point: 212° F
IFRA Usage:
  • Skin Safe: Yes
  • Soap Safe: Yes
  • Room Spray/Diffuser Safe: Yes
  • Candle Safe: Yes
  • See full IFRA certificate here for more details.
***All American Candle Supplies fragrances are 100% USA made, paraben-free, phthalate-free, IFRA and CA Prop 65 Compliant when used as recommended***

2 reviews for Fragrance: Lily of the Valley

  1. Tim Triolo (verified owner)

    I ordered a sample of this to test in 464 soy wax at 12% concentration. I was testing for authenticity, and for throw. I had ordered this scent a few years again from ACS but it didn’t leave an impression as a strong thrower. This time around, I got a sample and it was labeled Lily of the Valley (Reformulated). Whatever they did to this fragrance in the reformulation increased the throw dramatically. The soft, billowy, floral aroma filled my entire home! As far as authenticity, this one is as close as I’ve gotten. It is not 100% realistic. It falls short of the essence I get when I take a giant whiff of the actual plant. There are some rose and other waxy floral notes mixed in that remind me of hyacinths. I have nothing against these other blossoms, but I would love it if a LOTV fragrance existed that didn’t include these competing florals. There are some things Mother Nature got “just right,” and LOTV is one of them; it doesn’t need any help. Having said that, I appreciate this fragrance and now that I know it is a powerhouse in terms of throw, I will order the larger size and experiment with blending. I’m thinking this will mix well with oakmoss, amber, and lemon. I might even go an entirely different direction and combine it in some herbal, lavender blends. The first criteria I consider is throw. When a fragrance makes it over that hurdle, I evaluate what unusual and creative combination I can conjure up–this LOTV has a lot to offer!

  2. Roxana (verified owner)

    I purchased Lily of the Valley for perfume making. Oh, it is super photorealistic. Transported me straight back to my Eastern European childhood. It smells just like the beautiful flowers. It smells like my mom… I immediately put together a small sample of perfume and my teenage daughter came into my “lab” moments after I made the sample and she was very impressed. I put it on my hand (mind you, it’s brand new, unmacerated, etc). She said: “…mmmmm, Mommy, you smell like a fairytale! The scent is sooo beautiful and dainty! You could pass as a fairy now…”.
    The Lily fragrance created a huge scent bubble in the room, I can only imagine how is my perfume sample going to smell in a few weeks…Very happy and pleased with it!

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